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World Environment day – 2011

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on June 5, 2011

Eco-clubs Network – Litter survey Conference, Dalhousie

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June 4th, 2011

Students belonging to the six schools of Dalhousie gathered together to share notes on the state of pollution and it’s causes in the city. What came out at the end of the reports was a complete picture of Dalhousie’s inadequate measures of waste management. The main causes which were identified were:

  1. Growing tourism
  2. Lack of responsibility of the Hotel industry
  3. Lack of law enforcement
  4. lack of proper collection process
  5. Bad state of Garbage bins
  6. Garbage on the hillsides on the marked ‘Hotspot’ sites which will be difficult to collect.

The students of these Eco-clubs have surveyed the town, faced abusive language and threats from the irate hoteliers and despite their efforts have not been able to convince the culprits to acknowledge the true state of affairs. The suggestions which came out of these presentations were:

  1. Make the hoteliers adopt their respective localities for garbage management.
  2. Concrete steps to penalize defaulters
  3. To make an effort to keep the garbage bins and their surroundings cleaner
  4. To ensure regular and more frequent collection and disposal of garbage from the bins.

The members of local Administration were present at this Conference viz, the S.D.M (Dalhousie), the Executive Officer, Municipality and a member of the Pollution Control Board, Chamba. But at the end of the conference it was clearly seen that there were very little results that could be worked out with one meeting and that there is a lot more thinking and corrective action required before we would make a dent on this growing menace. This first meeting was just a beginning and there were no apparent miracles happening….


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Youth for CHANGE…. is it possible..??

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on June 3, 2011

On the eve of our ‘Eco-clubs School Network, Litter Survey Conference‘, I am facing a healthy dose of scepticism from most of the people in this town…. Why is it that we refuse to believe in ourselves and as if it not enough to lack self-confidence.. we try and instil this in our youth and children too…. Everywhere I go, I face the jibes from people… What will you acheive with this… nothing… just a waste of time……

Now, I am also a great sceptic.. since I have seen the falseness of our governments.. society and people… buuuutttt… I am still not ready to say DIE…. The effort may not be a success… or maybe.. who knows..?? It is worth a try… at least I can say that we are trying.. and not giving up without an effort…

I look up into the dark skies of humanity and wish for the stars……

that we may be able to dent in this impregnable wall of scepticism and hopelessness….

for our own selves…

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