Himalayan Village Education Trust (HiVE)



Alok: An armchair philosopher (who loves both the armchair and the philosophy of it)

Isabelle: A French teacher, on an extended sabbatical to pursue her three loves Alok, Mridul (their son) and teaching.

Both of them have been working and teaching in the villages of Himachal Pradesh in India for about ten years. Isabelle started by managing and teaching women in a Gaddi (local tribe of Kangra region in Himachal) women about making and marketing Tofu, Jams, Peanut butter etc. Alok started by designing and trying to change methods of production in Hand-looms.

Both of them have set up a Centre at Dalhousie (Chamba district) in Himachal Pradesh, from where they are managing all their activities in Dharamsala (Kangra district) and Dalhousie (Chamba district) of Himachal Pradesh. In the last seven years they have managed to accumulate their experiences and started a HiVE Trust, which is basically working in the fields of School education, Vocational training, Health Awareness and interacting with women and children.

At present Alok and Isabelle have shifted to France, the centres however continue their good work in the villages, guided and managed by the women themselves, who have to pass this final test of the training provided by Alok and Isabelle and which they have been doing successfully since July 2012.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Trevor said

    Hi Alok

    Thank you for your offer of assistance to Plants For A Future. If you would like to become involved I have added a link below with a coupe of tasks we are currently in need of.


    Let me know your interest and I will write more later.

    Thank you for your positive comments about PFAF and your interest in the charity

    Trevor Pemberton
    Plants For A Future

    • hivetrust said

      Hi Trevor,
      I could help you with the stages 1 and 3 (I don’t have photoshop as I work on fedora..) but I could browse through gimp or digikam to see if those programs have anything for batch resizing. In the meanwhile I would prefer to start at a lower rate of 2 hours a week.. rather than promise more and find it difficult to keep.. It is something I would not mind doing because I am anyway trying to create a database of Himalayan Plants..
      Do let me know how to start and I’ll keep two hours on the weekends for this..

  2. Ankit Sood said

    Hi Alok,


    Last month we trained a group of 15 youngsters from the Kalatop Sanctuary. These guys were very dedicated and need guidance and support and could easily become a part of HIVE. Do let me know if you are interested. I will be sending you their training pictures soon.

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