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Eco-club Network – Clean Dalhousie vision….

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on May 26, 2011

 Dear friends,

 On the occasion of the ‘UN International Year of the Forests’, we have decided to support the ‘World Environment’ conservation, through our own efforts in Dalhousie. Keeping in mind the nature and purpose of the Eco-clubs formed in each school, we proposed to utilise the energy of youth with the purpose of positive change and have a series of Eco-club conferences, each dealing with a new aspect of environment conservation problems and solutions.

With this primary objective of educating the youth about the nature of pollution problems and to tackle them with practical solutions, the first ‘Eco-clubs school network, Litter survey Conference’ is being conducted on June 4th 2011. The schedule for the conference is as follows

  • Date: June 4th, 2011

  • Venue: Bachat Bhawan, Court Road, Dalhousie

  • Time: 10.00 A.M.

    • Opening address and speech by the SDM Dalhousie (In-charge Eco-club Monitoring Committee)

    • Presentation of reports by each school regarding their monitored areas

    • Discussion of problems afflicting each area and their causes

    • Consolidated overview of the findings of the schools.

    • Proposal of solutions and their discussions with E.O. Municipal Committee, Dalhousie

    • Parting notes and Proposals for the next Conference Objectives for the Eco-clubs.

    • Refreshments.

All participant schools are requested to send their ‘Eco-club’ members to the venue, at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the conference (by 9.45 A.M).


2 Responses to “Eco-club Network – Clean Dalhousie vision….”

  1. Ms Pintueli Gajjar said

    Way to go …. educate and create awareness amongst the youngsters. Applause! 🙂

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