Himalayan Village Education Trust (HiVE)


Forward Ho…!!

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on April 14, 2011

We have tried to consolidate and contain the work of the trust so that we would be able to concentrate more on the finer aspects of running the organisation. But somehow, the guiding spirit of our work has always pushed us towards putting more and more efforts in the field of Tailoring schools…. After all these years I have still not managed to find out, how we have managed to open so many centres… even though circumstances could not have been more strained (as they have always been) …. but the wish to better the lives of women and arm them with better capabilities to deal with, what the life metes out to them, makes us go on and on, and so…..


The new centre is on the highway to Chamba (the district headquarters), in a (upcoming) village called ‘BATHRI’ … and even though these areas seem to be financially better off than the further interior areas… the women are still facing an uphill task to lead a decent life…

An example quoted by a local…. “the girls are married off soon as they reach the legal age of 18 years (if not before), if they are lucky.. the husband would not be a drunkard and treat them right… if not then soon after marriage the men would fall back into their old ways .. and… there would be no money coming back to the house for food or other needs….. within a timespan of few years the girl would end up having a few children.. and by the age of 27 would be the mother of 3-4 children (if she is lucky.. without miscarriages). In a lot of cases, the husband ends up with some or the other serious ailment.. (if not dead), and the wife is left to fend for herself and the children. Without much education or earning capabilities… a lot of women end up making local liqueur (bootleg), to support themselves and their children….”

Our work is like a mere drop in the ocean…. but we will do our bit as long as we can, the happiest feeling is that at the end of each course we bask in the feeling of having managed to give something to our students: the three R’s…… something which will last them a life-time ……

The students and teachers in the new centre at Bathri

Only time will tell how this centre fares…. but, I hope that they will learn not only stitching but also the art of preserving their smiles through their own efforts and not just go through lives like cattle… tied from one post to the other… but as self-dependent, honest and happy people…..


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