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A course…. of course….!!

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on April 9, 2011

Talai Tailoring school - 2011-12

Come spring, there is an enthusiasm bubbling forth. All our women/girl students and workers alike, are looking forward to beginning their activity. Even before we had officially announced the centres open, there were calls inquiry from the prospective students. We already filled up ten seats of the tailoring schools, but since we usually take in about fifteen for each centre, the teachers made a round of the surrounding villages of the ‘Talai Tailoring school’, to appraise people about the start of a new course… Within an hour or two they already had eighteen on the list… And so it began…

Enthused faces of these young girls reflected their eagerness to learn… which is hard to understand… Most of them having recently completed twelve years of schooling with rote learning and painful exams, have willingly undertaken to do our course…. even though they are aware of our reputation of conducting a tough course with students having to actually learn…. unlike the studies they

Girls coming for the Tailoring school 'Ghera' admission

have done till now…

The other centre near ‘Ghera’ is finishing it’s session, with the final exams being conducted by Isabelle, who went there all the way to make sure that it was conducted properly… Later, she told me that all the students were feeling very sad, since, they realised that the final exams also meant that their course had finally come to an end and they would not be coming there any more….. It was so much fun, while it lasted…..

What makes it worthwhile for the students as well as us, is the spirit of learning.. both within the teacher’s and students coming to the centres. Even though our teachers are young and not very experienced in teaching… they have been very quick to learn and follow the guidelines developed by Isabelle… I am quite sure that there is no institute which can match the curriculum for Tailoring school developed by us in India… Someday, I hope we might be able to train the teachers of the government tailoring schools too, to inspire and teach the way our own teachers have….


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