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FINALLY… the results are out…!!

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on December 18, 2010

I have been rather lazy about posting the best part about the ‘Talai’ centre’s tailoring group….

This time we had a 100% result with ALL the girls who sat for the exams passed successfully (where our passing requirements are getting a score of above 50%)

REMARKABLE… considering that one of the girls had not even passed 4th class and she had scraped the bottom of the class with 57%… aaaand she was so scared that we had to actually send someone to beg her mother to come and take her certificate..

The winner of “Golden Needle Award’ has not only topped the class in all scores, but simultaneously done the ‘Teacher training course’ and will be taking up the job from the next session… apart from the fact that she was inspired by all the people in the ‘Trust’ to stand for the village panchayat elections…. and this was the woman who was generally considered as good for nothing by village standards because she could not take care of the average village household jobs (due to some injury)…

I am SO PROUD of our girls… and ISABELLE.. who is the proof that a teacher needs to have motivation to be good. It does not matter if one does not even speak the language fluently….


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