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Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on November 16, 2010

Another year gone by… This year the students in our Talai tailoring school were protesting..

The tailoring centres are run keeping in mind the working pattern of women in villages where they have to spend time between collecting wood.. managing household, cattle, children drunk men, and working in the fields… So it was decided right in the beginning that the course shall be run in all the centres for three days a week and for four hours a day, leaving two working days of the week for the teachers to correct the copies and prepare work schedule for the next week.

It was all working fine, till this year’s batch decided that they wanted to finish the course in time for the marriage season in November.. and so they protested…. that the three days a week schedule was not good enough they wanted more number of teaching days…

The girls not only came for four days a week but also convinced our teachers to let them put in extra time to help them finish their work… It was a PLEASURE… to see this enthusiasm.. especially since some girls could not even read and write properly since they had long ago dropped out of the schools…

And WOW what enthusiasm prevails every year when I see them approach the final stage of their basic courses and start designing and stitching their own suits and learning that they could identify mistakes made by the so called professionals…. and that they could stitch better than a lot of them..

Somehow we HAVE to make an independent models of these schools.. so that they are not dependent upon us to run them but spread like a chain and sustain themselves in the long run… a near impossible dream… but then who says that dreams have to be simple….. 🙂


6 Responses to “School….”

  1. Pintueli Gajjar said

    I am elated! Nothing is impossible if one has the earnest desire to learn and progress in life! Kudos to HIVE! I wish you all the best in your endeavor. Love to all! 😉

  2. Robb said

    Great to hear news like this as it give me more ideas for potential films….Robb

  3. Avnish said

    Please tell me more about the school and how I can help?

    • Dear Avnish,
      We have at present 4 schools, Ghera, Naddi (both near D’sala) and Khudgoth, Talai (Near Dalhousie) all the schools are in remote areas except Naddi, and we take a maximum of 15 girls per course. The teachers are specially trained by us and the curriculum has been specifically developed by Isha for the village girls. Knowing that a lot of girls in the interior villages drop out of school, we have also trained a teacher to impart the three R’s to the girls, simply because learning tailoring means that they have to know basic math, reading and writing.. which you’ll be surprised that even the children who have passed 12th class can be at sea…
      Till now in India there are no specific tailoring curriculum for teaching girls/women… There are the ITI’s but believe me WE had to retrain the women who had done their courses from there to make them capable of teaching… I can proudly claim that we have a very scientifically developed method of teaching and it shows….

      I don’t know how MH could help.. Maybe you have a better idea…

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