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Spreading out the responsibilities…

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on July 16, 2010

Our recent bout of troubles with the local politico’s was a boon in disguise… It gave the people an opportunity to seriously think about what the project was really about. In fact our trainees, teacher’s and students were ready to tackle the issues with the authorities if needed. This process of growing up was painful but in reality beneficial and necessary for everyone including Isabelle and me.
Today the girls have started to take up responsibilities on their shoulders and I am glad that they fared well in this phase of severe trouble… Yesterday when there was a sudden overload of fruit (as we were closing the collection season for fruits).. I was surprised and glad to find that the girls had voted to work till late at night so that the fruit would not go bad.. especially since they had decided to undertake an 11 hour journey the next day to purchase bottles for Jam.. It is little things like this that show that they do not merely think of this project as just a way to earn money.. instead it is becoming something they are taking an interest in…


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