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The women who changed….

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on March 25, 2010

The buzzy bee's of HiVE....

This is the group of women who had been forced to come out of their traditional roles due to various reasons.. They not only managed to break the traditional rules for village women.. but also set an example of honesty and hard work for others to follow.
In the village society, a woman does not go work for a living.. its a man’s job and when a woman was forced to seek a living in a situation where she did not have much land or other means of income, it was accepted in the society that this woman could make and sell local liquor (made from Gur or molasses). Few of our women also did this before they joined us, but today they feel no need to go back into that trade any more. Their stories are given on the pages link ‘The Bees HiVE – buzzing sweetly / fabricating lives’


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Holidays are over.. the fun begins..

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on March 17, 2010

March 15th.. our new session in the centres for Dalhousie is beginning!! Oh what fun… everywhere we go the children are asking, “Uncle, when is the library starting?” or “Aunty when are the tailoring schools resuming” and “Why don’t you open a new centre in Bakrota/Dalhousie town/Bathri”.. The flower gatherers in the villages were just waiting for the word and each one waits for their turn and brings the flowers and cleans them for the jam……
Oh what a heady feeling is this appreciation from these people!! One really feels what we are doing is maybe not going to change the face of this earth but at least we have a place of respect in their hearts…..

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