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We drive the kids to drugs….

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on February 25, 2010

Backs against the wall....If one looks at the schooling system in India especially in the rural areas.. we will notice two major trends… That of falling grades and inversely the rise of drug abuse. This HAS to happen, especially, as the children are growing they begin to realise that what they are studying at schools is Greek to them!! And by the time they pass out of schools most of them are frustrated because they know all this is for naught as they will not get anywhere with this kind of education… And out of this sheer frustration arises the problem of drug abuse.
I had recently a chance to interview a few teachers and what I found left me crying for help!! But help from whom?? The system of education in India right now has become a mass of corruption. How can one expect a child to grow up in a healthy learning environment if right from the first grade onwards they learn only one thing and that is to learn by rote? Passing through exams year after year with the teachers helping them by giving them the questions and answers that would come in the examinations!!! This in other words is called cheating! It also means that basically they learn NOTHING…This form of cheating carries on til 8th class when the first lot of kids drop out of school, then the tenth class board exams where more are weaned out of the education system and those who may actually get through 12th will be very less presuming that there is no cheating.
The politics of education system is quite complex. The teachers are afraid to fail the children because they themselves will be blamed of not teaching properly… The PTA’s (which are basically political representations of the ruling parties, keep the teachers in control under the threat of transfers. Which basically means, giving them votes and siding with the party policy and not giving the parents nightmares by failing children, after all both parents and teachers are voters) and parents will make a lot of noise and the teacher will probably be posted to some remote area. So in Primary schools they somehow MAKE them pass till the fifth class, after which it is the problem of High school teachers.
The secondary school teachers land up with a whole lot of students at their door who don’t even know how to read properly… So now, they have to save their jobs by passing the kids. God help any teacher who is too enthusiastic about reforms… because somehow or the other, he/she will be prosecuted on trumped up excuses…!!
A few years back, the results of a particular school were especially bad i.e. 16 students scraped through out of 120. I asked a particular child about the reasons and promptly he replied, “Oh, the new Headmaster is very bad… he does not allow cheating…”
One wonders about the fate of our country, after all these are the children who will grow up to be the workforce of our great nation! Since their childhood they have learned to take it easy, to take short cuts like guides and that they can get away with cheating, little wonder that today we face a massive problem of corruption. In fact we are world famous for it now…
It does not take too much to figure out where it all started……


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