Himalayan Village Education Trust (HiVE)


Helping the girls in India….

Posted by Himalayan Village Education Trust on December 13, 2009

In spite of the noise made by the government & media about education for the girls in India (especially in a state like Himachal, where the percentage of educated children is higher) the truth is actually different. Most of the girls in the rural Himachal do not study beyond 10th class. Mostly it is because if they are educated more then it would be a big problem to find good husbands for them in these rural areas.

During this school education they practise rote learning through guides. Most of them when they come out of the senior schools cannot even read properly It is a joke because all the girls who are coming to the Tailoring School have to be taught how to read a measuring tape and to identify 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 1 1/2 etc…. And may be one out of a hundred could tell you how many metres are there in a kilometre. And yet when these girls come out of the course a year or so later they not only learn to read the measuring tapes but also do the enlargements and reductions on paper for their stitching drafts and write their lessons properly (even the ones who have not studied beyond 5th classes)… but there are so many children we cannot reach and I wish we could knock some sense into the system for training these poorly equipped teachers to teach more efficiently. And most of all priortise primary education instead of trying to waste funds only on the higher centres of learning, because it is the primary schooling which gives them the confidence and basis for higher education.

Sadly it is still not realised that this lack of proper education is the biggest cause of all our problems, be it health issues, developmental issues, female foeticide or health education etc….


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